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Words, words, words!

October 5, 2012

Words, words, words. who said that? William Shakespeare, himself a master of words, and originator of many. Words have fascinated me. Maybe, that’s why I like books. That’s why I like the Word Document.

But these creatures, the words, are not easy to handle. Some are hard and unwieldy, some like weasels, slippery and unsure, while some are plain and uninspiring, and some downright alien.

For someone whose mother tongue is not English, the problem is even bigger. Idioms, phrases, collocation and above all, the articles. Is a word count or uncount? Does it take an article before it or not? What difference will it make if you place an article before a word? Try this: patient, a patient.

I am not a student of language or literature, but words, books and print draw me. Look at the blog service that has drawn me–WORDPRESS.

Okay, let me begin here, and explore what mysteries and adventures will this blog unfold.